Alpaca Gourd & Bombilla Set
Alpaca Gourd & Bombilla Set
Alpaca Gourd & Bombilla Set
Alpaca Gourd & Bombilla Set

Alpaca Gourd & Bombilla Set

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A traditional, handcrafted Argentinian gourd and bombilla.

The Yerba Maté gourd, known as cabaça, calabaza, cuia or porongo, is made from the fruit of a gourd vine (Iagenaria vulgaris, cucurbitaceous family).  Its preferred size and shape vary from region to region.  These natural gourds are widely tailored and decorated, taking on various forms and colours, according to each gaucho’s taste.
These gourds are natural, hand made products from Argentina.  As such, both on the inside, and on the outside the gourd may show dark brown or grey stains that characterize the plant. These should not be seen as deformities or blemishes, but rather as natural markings.
The gourd is not a "ready to use" item.  It must be cured before first time use to ensure it lasts for a long time and contributes to an enjoyable experience drinking yerba maté.  Please follow the instructions in Caring for your gourd.
Please expect slight variations in colour, shape and size; but all handcrafted and beautiful!  See picture for comparison.
Approximate Size: 10 cm high, 8.5 cm diameter across, 4 cm diameter opening
Made in Argentina
Decorated with German Silver
The "bombilla" (pronounced 'bombee-ya') or "bomba" is the drinking straw made of bamboo or metal, with filtering holes at the bottom to strain out the leaves.
This model is made with easy cleaning in mind!
Made in Argentina.
Length: 16 cm
Alpaca Metal
Wash bombilla before use.
The alpaca gourd and bombilla are sold separately, while quantities last.


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